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Benefits of Rhinoplasty

DR. JACK P. GUNTER: Well the nose is the most prominent feature of the face and certainly it plays a very important role in the facial aesthetics. So rhinoplasty has actually two benefits, improving facial aesthetics and also improving nasal function. The nose has a very strong psychological effect on ones self-image and can decrease ones self-confidence, especially in the younger patients.

It’s very satisfying for us to see a patient come in to the office with a big smile on their face and very outgoing who, before their rhinoplasty, was very shy, retiring, and you know didn’t have much to say, but has become a much happier person. And this makes us very, it is very satisfying to us.

We also must remember though that the nose is functioning organ and that the air that goes through the nose is healthier for the lungs than if it goes through the mouth. So it’s very important that when we’re improving the aesthetics we also must keep in mind the problem of decreasing breathing and to open the airways so that they can breath better.