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“I came to Dr. Cochran for a second opinion”

FEMALE VOICE: I came to Dr. Cochran for a second opinion, basically. I had been to two or three other doctors because I had an issue with my breathing and a little nodule inside my nose. So, you know, there were some issues with that. Nobody could figure out what was going on, and I had been to about three other doctors and a friend of his dad’s sent me here and said this man will know what to do for you. And he is the only one that diagnosed me properly.

So I came for a second opinion and left with my first choice of surgeons. And I cannot tell you how much better I feel, how much better it looks. My main objective was to be able to breathe properly. My goal was not necessarily to have a better looking nose, but I’m please with it. It’s much better than it was.

What impressed me was he not only described everything in detail, made sure I understood the entire procedure and made sure I was comfortable with everything that was going on, he gave me illustrations, an overlay of my face and my profile to show me exactly what I was going to look like. And it does, and I was very impressed with that.