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“Everyone recommended Dr. Gunter!”

FEMALE VOICE: When I was a child I broke my nose when I was about 4 years old. I was running down the sidewalk, tripped, fell on concrete and flat on my nose. So and many years later they said it’d be better to wait until I was fully grown to operate. When I started to consider getting my breathing problem corrected and knowing that I would have to face surgery for a second time after a tough first surgery many years prior to by another doctor, I started checking with doctors in the Metroplex, I started checking with friends in the Metroplex that I knew always chose the top doctors. And hands down from friends to doctors, whether it was general practitioners or a dentist, Dr. Gunter was the person that everyone recommended and they said that he is number one for what he does. In fact, another plastic surgeon in the area said that he is the person to go to for that procedure. He has a gift for what he does and what he does is a miracle, in my opinion.