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“I’m really happy with the results”

Tania loves the new look & function of her nose.

FEMALE VOICE: Well I had a lot of sinus problems growing up, all my life, you know, of course allergies too, you know, don’t help. But I had a CT scan done and I had a deviated septum. My turbinates, one of them was collapsed and they were enlarged, and then I also had polyps. So due to all of that I always got sinus infections and just felt sick all the time, headaches all the time. And I had done a lot of research and I had heard that Dr. Gunter was just awesome. And he is.

And I came in for a consultation and Dr. Cochran is the specialist who talked to me about my sinuses and chose a date. We did a drawing of my nose. And I was very scared and nervous at first but excited at the same time. Then I came in for my surgery. Everything went great. I felt great afterwards and I really didn’t have a bad experience. You know, I felt fine. Of course the congestion is always, you know, a pain, but you know it wasn’t what I expected. I thought it was going to be painful.

Taking the cast off the nose was an experience in itself because it was just pretty, it was scary you know. When you see yourself it’s a change and so you’ve got to get used, you’ve got to tell yourself that it’s going to look different and listen to everybody because it does change. It takes about a year for you to really see the full results, and about six months out you basically see, you know, where it starts looking more aligned and the swelling’s going down.

But I can breathe a lot better and everybody in the office has been great. And, you know, even when I come in for doctor visits. And that’s what I really, really liked about Dr. Gunter is that their bed side manners are just phenomenal. And here now, 15 months later, and I’m really, really, really excited and very happy with the results.