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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

DR. JACK P. GUNTER: Ethnic rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty for the different races. And in Dallas the type of ethnic rhinoplasty that we usually perform are for African Americans, Asians, mid-easterners. Each one of these races have common traits and characteristics of their noses. And one of the things you always are concerned about is whether the, how much of the ethnicity the patient wants to keep. You know? They don’t want to be changed too much but yet they want something changed.

So the main thing about ethnic rhinoplasty is you have to have a very good consultation with them. And to really get down and talk about exactly what they want, because you know some people with the same deformities won’t want the same thing. So that’s the main thing in ethnic rhinoplasty. We do a lot of ethnic rhinoplasties and you know they’re very happy, as long as both sides know what we’re trying to achieve. And so that’s what I, that’s what we think is the most important thing, is to individualize the operation for them and try to get them exactly what they want.