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“I can breathe better!”

Dr. Jack Gunter performed revision rhinoplasty and relieved Michael of his lifetime breathing problems & deviated septum.

MALE VOICE: I actually grew up with probably a semi-non-functioning nose from the time that I was a baby. And they tried to correct it when I was 16, not Dr. Gunter but somebody else. And I had kind of a nose that whistled and it always has sort of difficulty sleeping, never woke up with energy. And I think really once I got married, which I just got married about three years ago, my wife was one of the first ones to go, like, we’ve got to do something about your nose ‘cause she had to sleep next to me. So my snoring was probably what brought it on. That and her Bichons couldn’t sleep.

So essentially she did the research and found Dr. Gunter. And We came in and after we were referred by another doctor also, and a few people that we ran into just along the way once you started saying I need something done about by nose who had been here. And came in, got the consultation, found I had a deviated septum. What also I didn’t realize at the time that my wife was unhappy with the look of my nose, which was a little broader on my face. It was sort of early Michael Jackson.

And I realized that we were simultaneously fixing the functionality of it while doing something about the nose. And I’d run a film festival for the last seven years and had always seen people who had either done it well or not done it well as far as getting their nose fixed. So I dreaded that a little bit. But I’d heard great things and we went in and actually came in and corrected a deviated septum.

And you know it’s a painful process. Not so much, it’s just any time anybody goes in there and corrects your nose. And the staff did a great job. They really took good care of me. They walked me through the process. And Dr. Gunter was there for me throughout. And after the swelling went down everything was kind of based exactly on what they said, the timing of it, and you know, how long I’ll be uncomfortable and how to deal with that. And what I found afterwards is that I sleep well and I have better energy during the day and it’s improved my athletics and working out. So I think it’s been a big success.