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Welcome to the Gunter Center

DR. JACK P. GUNTER: Hello, I’m Jack Gunter, Founder and Director of the Gunter Center in Dallas, Texas. I want to welcome you to our rhinoplasty website. I know you have plenty of options in choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon and I appreciate the opportunity to visit with you.

I would like to tell you some of the things that set us apart from other centers. The main thing is that we focus exclusively on rhinoplasty, both primary and secondary, because rhinoplasty has become such a difficult operation fewer surgeons are performing primary rhinoplasty. Even fewer have the experience and training to master secondary rhinoplasty. We hope that after viewing our website you will feel as we do, the Gunter Center is the best option for you.

DR. SPENCER COCHRAN: I’m Dr. Spencer Cochran, at the Gunter Center our goal is to provide each rhinoplasty patient with a natural appearing nose that also functions well and is in harmony and balance with the rest of their facial features. We hope that you find this website informative and helpful, and if you have any other questions please contact our office. Thank you.