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October 2009

Gunter Center Offers 3D Imaging to Simulate Before & After Results of Cosmetic Surgery

The Gunter Center is the first cosmetic surgery practice in North Texas to offer three dimensional (3D) computer imaging to simulate the results of rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery. Dallas rhinoplasty specialists, Dr. Jack P. Gunter and Dr. Spencer Cochran use this advanced imaging system to show patients how their nose might look after nose reshaping surgery. Dr. Michael Bogdan offers 3D imaging for breast augmentation surgery at the Gunter Center in Dallas, Texas. Click on the image below to read the entire article.


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Satisfied Dallas Rhinoplasty Patient

Thank you, again, for doing such a beautiful rhinoplasty for me! I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it has made to me over the past year. I used to dread seeing my profile and when I smiled, my nose twisted to the side-thanks to a poorly done rhinoplasty 20 years ago. I feel so much more confident and attractive and I am grateful to you every day for giving me such a beautiful and natural looking nose. (And I don’t snore any more!!)