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Dallas Plastic Surgeons May No Longer need your Ears or Ribs

As part of an advisory board for Ethicon, Inc. and Mentor Worldwide LLC over the past two years, Dr. Jack Gunter and Dr. Spencer Cochran recently attended the PDS Flexible Plate Innovation Summit in New York, NY. The PDS Flexible Plate is a bio-absorbable, synthetic material, which serves as a scaffold for cartilage reconstruction. The recent FDA approval means Dr. Gunter and Dr. Cochran, as well as the many plastic surgeons around the country that specialize in rhinoplasty surgeries, will have to harvest less cartilage from elsewhere on the body.

The doctors worked closely with Ethicon, Inc. and Mentor Worldwide as consultants for the research and development teams throughout the entire process in an effort to refine the benefits of the bio-absorbable material. With the help of Dr. Gunter and Dr. Cochran, the PDS Flexible Plate is expected to improve a number of procedures, and potentially decrease the surgeons’ need for obtaining additional cartilage from other locations on the body, including the ears and ribs, for nasal reconstruction. Dr. Gunter and Dr. Cochran say the use of PDS Flexible Plate will increase their ability to provide natural-looking rhinoplasty results, while reducing the overall impact on each patient.rhinoplasty