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Dr. Jack Gunter Presents Master Class on Rhinoplasty at 7th Annual QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium

Dr. Jack P. Gunter was recently a guest speaker the 7th Annual QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium and not only gave a one and a half hour Master Class on rhinoplasty, but also participated in panel discussions and met with other rhinoplasty surgeons from across the globe. QMP (Quality Medical Publishing) is a leading publisher of medical books written for such specialties as plastic surgery, otolaryngology, spine surgery, neurosurgery, and others. The organization’s latest annual meeting was held in Chicago, and featured a variety of courses, live video presentations, and discussions.

Dr. Gunter was invited to the QMP event to give a presentation called Master Class: My Current Thoughts about Rhinoplasty, as well as participate in discussions regarding surgeons’ experiences and thoughts about PDS Plates in rhinoplasty. Dr. Gunter was also a panelist for a discussion on a range of topics regarding rhinoplasty and nose surgery.