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Rhinoplasty Specialist Jack Gunter, MD Speaks at American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Conference

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) annual conference, being held in Boston from May 6-11, 2011, welcomed Dr. Jack Gunter to speak about some of the latest topics concerning rhinoplasty surgery. Known as one of the foremost experts on nasal surgery, Dr. Gunter participated in a number of panel discussions as joint sessions between members of the Rhinoplasty Society and plastic surgeons attending the ASAPS annual meeting. The Rhinoplasty Society, co-founded by Dr. Gunter in 1996, is an organization devoted to furthering education and the exchange of ideas between rhinoplasty surgeons around the world. The society held its annual meeting at the same time as the ASAPS symposium, with plastic surgeons from across the globe attending both events, Dr. Gunter was able to offer his expertise to medical professionals who focus on a range of rhinoplasty and aesthetic surgery procedures. He attended joint panels discussing Asian Rhinoplasty and the role of PDS plate in Rhinoplasty, as well as an ASAPS panel on primary rhinoplasty. Dr. Gunter also led an instructional course on “Improving Results in Rhinoplasty.”

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is one of the largest medical organizations in the world and is composed of an estimated 2,400 board-certified plastic surgeons. ASAPS is focused on cosmetic surgery education, research, and innovation, and requires member doctors to adhere to strict ethical codes and continuously pursue education in the medical field.