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Rhinoplasty Internet Consultation

All new consultations will be with Dr. Cochran.

Step 1: Completely Fill out the Form at the Bottom of this Page.

Step 2: Take the Photos

Have the six(6) required pre-operative photos taken of the area of the body you wish to improve. The photo set should include two(2) side views, two(2) three-quarter views, one(1) forward facing, and one(1) with the area of the body tilted back. Please view the examples below as reference.



In order for Dr. Cochran to adequately assess your candidacy, the photos must be taken in good lighting against a solid-colored background. There should be no shadows on the face. You can take the photos at home, using any camera with a zoom lens, by fully zooming in on the face. However, ordinary point-and-shoot cameras are not recommended because they distort the image too much for the resulting photos to be helpful. You may also have the pictures taken at any portrait studio.

Step 3: Submit the Forms, Photos, and Fee


  • All completed forms
  • All requested photos
  • $200 consultation fee (You can pay this fee by either calling the office with your credit card information or mailing a check to the address below made out to the Dallas Rhinoplasty Center┬áThis consultation fee will be applied to the surgery payment if you are a good candidate; if not, it will be returned)

e-mail the forms and photos to:

Or send them via U.S. mail, FedEx, or UPS to:

Dallas Rhinoplasty Center
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Phone: 214.369.8123
Fax: 214.369.2984

Step 4: Hear Back From Us

Our office will contact you via e-mail with the results of your screening.

Internet Consultation Form

6. If you have nasal breathing problems (if not, go to question #7)
**Please answer (n/a) if not applicable

d. Please estimate the percentage you feel your breathing is decreased in each nostril.
(Example: 100% = completely blocked, 50% = getting half the air you think you should, etc.)

Medical History

Do you or have you ever had any of the following?


Personal History

**If you have a history of cocaine use, you must provide clearance from an ENT doctor stating that you have no septal perforation, infection or damage to the internal lining of your nose.

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