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“I’m fortunate to have met Dr. Spencer Cochran”

FEMALE VOICE: I came to the Gunter practice through my doctor in Manhattan, actually two referrals in Manhattan. I was intrigued, I came down, and they were lovely enough to fit me in at the last moment and just absolutely wonderful about it. I met Dr. Cochran after a lengthy consult that had to go on longer and longer ‘cause I had so many questions. He was great.

And I went to surgery, it was, went smoothly. He explained everything. Spent a lot of time consulting on what I would like to look like or there, would like the result to be. At the end we came to a good conclusion and had surgery. The recovery was not painful. It’s a bit sore when you wake up, but didn’t even need full medication for the recovery.

And I’m three weeks out and I’m quite happy with it and I’m very fortunate to have met Dr. Cochran. I’m pleased enough to have referred my sister and a couple of other friends so that are coming in for consultations. So I have the utmost faith in them.