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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This man had two previous nasal surgeries and wanted his nose straightened and the tip improved.

Front View: Rib cartilage grafts were used to augment the bridge and to reshape the nasal tip. The narrow dorsum seen on the left has been corrected as well as the collapse of the nostril rims and the “bulbousness” of the nasal tip.

Side View: On this view the “saddling” of the bridge has been corrected with an onlay graft and the tip has been reshaped to appear more natural and in better proportion to the bridge.

Angle View: This view confirms the improvement seen in the previous two views.

Basal View: This view shows reshaping of the nostril to allow the patient to have a better airway as well as a better appearance. It shows a minimal scar on the column between the nostril where the incision was made for the open approach.