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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This patient had one previous rhinoplasty. She complained about the increased width and irregularity of the bridge and tip. She was also having breathing problems.

Front View: This view reveals narrowing of the wide nasal bones as well as the tip. There is also less nostril show.

Side View: The profile shows a smoother bridge with a less nodular tip. This was done with rasping and no graft was used. The tip has been brought forward and the flat column between the nostrils has been made more curved, which is more aesthetic.

Angle View: The irregularity of the bridge as well as the tip is improved, and there is less nostril show post-operatively.

Basal View: The shape of the tip has turned from a “boxy” shape to more of a triangular shape, which is desirable for this view.