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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: The patient had one nasal surgery twenty years ago. She complained that her breathing problems had become worse over the years and she felt the tip was too flat and not symmetrical.

Front View: The nose appeared very wide and flat in the tip and lower bridge area, and the increased width caused a “parenthesis” deformity. There is very little visualization of the column between the nostrils pre-operatively. Post-operatively, there is a narrower tip and lower bridge as well as increased nostril show which gives a more natural appearance.

Side View: This view shows reduction of a small nasal hump, increased show of the column between the nostrils and a better shaped tip.

Angle View: This view shows the improvement of the bulging of the cartilages in the tip as well as more show of the column between the nostrils.

Basal View: The basal view shows the conversion of the wide, boxy tip into a more triangular appearance, which is more aesthetically pleasing.