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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This lady had one previous nasal surgery resulting in collapse of her bridge and tip. She was also having breathing problems.

Front View: This view demonstrates that a rib cartilage onlay graft was used to augment the bridge. Rebuilding of the cartilages in the tip with grafts shows an improvement with a more defined, narrower bridge and a more natural-looking tip.

Side View: This view shows correction by rasping of the small hump to level the bridge. A graft was then placed on top of the bridge to raise the bridge height. A rib cartilage graft was placed in the column between the nostrils and the tip to increase the tip projection and to create a better tip/bridge relationship. The increased projection has resulted in the junction of the nose with the upper lip to be brought forward giving it a more natural look.

Basal View: This view illustrates the amount of shape and projection of the tip produced by the grafts that were placed in the column and the nostril rims.