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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This patient had nasal surgery thirty-six years earlier for a severe traumatic nasal deformity. She desired a more natural-looking nose that wouldn’t call attention to her face.

Front View: This view shows the flat-appearing, irregular nasal bridge has been augmented with a rib cartilage graft to make it appear narrower, smoother, and more symmetrical. The wide asymmetric tip has been shaped with grafts to give a narrower, more symmetrical tip.

Side View: This view demonstrates that the collapse of both the bridge and tip has been corrected by augmenting the bridge and projecting the tip out further from the face. This gives the nose a smooth surface with subtle angles, depressions, and elevations, making it much more aesthetic and natural-looking.

Angle View: This view confirms that the appearance has been greatly improved. The contour has been corrected by deforming and augmenting the bridge and tip with rib cartilage grafts