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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: Patient had 2 previous rhinoplasties. She complained of breathing difficulties and was unhappy with the overall appearance of her nose.

Front View: Frontal view shows correction of the collapse of the mid-portion of the bridge and reshaping of the asymmetric ball-like tip. The partially collapsed, retracted, nostril rims have been widened and lowered to help with the breathing as well as the appearance.

Side View: The height of the bridge has been reduced and has projection of the nasal tip to put the nose in better balance with the face.

Oblique View: The retracted nostril rim has been lowered and the tip tilted slightly upward to make the nose look less masculine.

Basal View: The ball-like tip now appears more sculpted and the nostril lowered and strengthened with a cartilage graft for better support.