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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This patient had undergone 1 previous rhinoplasty. She had no breathing problems but was mostly concerned about:
1) The increased width of her bridge.
2) Lack of slope of her bridge.
3) “Hiked up” nostril rims.
4) The “polly beak” look of her tip on the side view.
5) The “hanging” of her column between her nostrils.

Front View: Post-operatively, the nose is narrower with a more proportioned tip, the nostril rims have been lowered, and the column between the nostrils is no longer hanging.

Side View: There is more “slope” to her nose and the “polly beak” deformity has been corrected resulting in a more feminine tip.

Oblique View: More natural-appearing nose with less nostril show.