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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This patient had one previous surgery. She complained of difficulty breathing stating her nostrils collapsed with deep breathing when exercising. She also did not like the appearance of her nose and desired a more natural looking nose. Her corrective operation was performed using septal and ear cartilage.

Front View: The very narrow, irregular bridge was made wider and smoother and appears to improve her breathing as well as her appearance. The irregular, bulbous appearing tip was corrected to give it a more sculpted, symmetrical look with strong nostril rims.

Side View: The collapse of the side of the tip is seen in this pre-op view with a smoother, stronger nostril wall made by using grafts of septal cartilage. The irregular bridge was corrected by rasping which moves the bridge back closer to the face.

Angle View: The correction of the collapsed nostril wall is again demonstrated as well as the improvement of the tip by reshaping with cartilage grafts

Basal View: The bulbousity of the tip is corrected by narrowing the very end of the tip. The collapsed nostril rims have been widened and strengthened to avoid collapsing on deep inspiration.