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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This 38 year old lady had a rhinoplasty 16 years previously. Her main complaint was severe breathing problems but she was also concerned about the unnatural appearance of her nose.

Front View: Shows narrowing at the middle portion of her nose and a widened, bulbous, asymmetric tip. Postop view shows correction of the collapsed middle portion and less rounding and fullness of the nasal tip with a more natural look.

Side View: Shows a straighter bridge and a decrease in tip projection with slightly more upward rotation of the tip.

Oblique View: The “bulbous” tip has been corrected as has the narrow bridge.

Basal View: Because the collapse of both the nostril rims, the base has a “three leaf clover” appearance with a wide nasal tip. Postop the collapse of the rim is corrected increasing the opening of the nostrils and a reshaping of the base into a more desirable “triangular” look.