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Patient Information

Surgeon: Dr. Jack P. Gunter

History: This lady had a rhinoplasty sixteen years previously and had never liked the appearance of her nose. Her nasal breathing was also becoming a problem.

Front View: The wide upper and narrow middle portion of the bridge have been brought into better balance and proportion with the rib cartilage graft to the bridge. The indentation on the sides of the bridge is due to years of wearing heavy glasses. The tip appears more sculpted and narrower.

Side View: Preop view (left) shows a very round, non-defined drooping tip with saddling of her bridge. Postop shows the correction of the saddling and upward rotation of her tip to give her a more defined feminine look.

Angle View: Again the preop view shows a much more defined and natural looking tip as well as correction of the saddling of the bridge.

Basal View: This view shows a narrower, more sculpted, projecting tip with open airways.